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Real Estate Transactions

Our office realizes that for real estate transactions to proceed smoothly, communication must be clear. Vague contracts on buying, selling, transferring, or renting property can lead to costly litigation and headaches later. That is why, in addition to being experts on foreclosures, we also keep up to date on real estate law. It does not help our clients if we are unable to finish what we started or ensure that final agreements are legal and enforceable.

If a foreclosure defense case ends in a short sale, we can review or draft the contracts required to protect your interests. It is essential to take this step so that you are not held liable for debt later. We also work to ensure the seamless transfer of property through good buying and selling agreements.

Good rental contracts help landlords and tenants alike. Both parties know what is expected and having an agreement with clear language can keep their relationship profitable and civil. Rental contracts must also be legal under New York law, which means no discriminatory language, once again protecting against costly litigation.

Let us help you keep your real estate transactions in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and the surrounding areas uneventful. If you need assistance with real estate contracts, a rental agreement, or any other real estate transaction, contact Sorid Law.

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