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June 26, 2015

I don't normally write reviews but I know there is someone out there that is in the dilemma I was in I went to the office one day and explained my problem, gave a retainer and didn't know what to expect well let me say this that law firm worked miracles he never gave up on us he assigned an angel to us her name is Melissa this attorney worked around the clock was informative was concerned about the home being saved and she was successful I went from foreclosure to having my monthly mortgage lowered to an affordable amount and to no more foreclosure I believe had I gone anywhere else I would have lost my house I wanted to thank Harvey for his work with us and especially thank Melissa she is a hell of an attorney and anyone who's had a tough time and goes to this law firm I believe these guys can save your home kudos to this law firm highly recommend them.


- Ray C.

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