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Maybe you’re struggling to keep up with mounting bills. Maybe your life has been turned upside down by an accident, a health crisis, a family emergency, or a business setback. Maybe you’ve reached out to your lender and gotten nowhere. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re facing foreclosure or overwhelmed by debt, you may wonder if anything you do will help.

You’ve still got options.  We have the skill and experience to help you pursue them.

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Foreclosure Defense

In New York State, your lender has to sue and get a judgment from the Court before it can take away your home. Banks can afford to hire one or more law firms that focus on steamrolling homeowners. At the Sorid Law Office, we believe that you deserve a relentless defense because it’s your home that's at risk.

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Loan Modification

In most cases, New York State requires lenders and homeowners to try to reach a settlement before the lender can foreclose, including applying for a range of loan modification programs. At the Sorid Law Office, we help homeowners assemble compelling applications, alert the court when lenders are acting unfairly, and fight for review of all possible settlement options.

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